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What do LVDS look like? – FFC ribbon cable

Basic concepts of LVDS:

Transmission medium can be the PCB of copper wires, also can be balanced cables, is a kind of low power consumption and low bit error rate, low crosstalk, and low radiation difference signal technology, this kind of transmission technology can reach more than 155 MBPS, the core of an LVDS technology is to use a low voltage swing high-speed differential data transmission, can achieve point to point or point to multi-point connection.
An LVDS application:

Radar applications, for base stations, switches, add/subtract multiplexers and other communication structure applications, set-top boxes and home/enterprise vision

Frequency link and other consumer product applications, medical ultrasound imaging equipment and digital photocopier. In the measurement and control system of high-speed data transmission,

LVDS has a very broad application space in SAR radar reconnaissance and reception and high speed digital image transmission.

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