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Special process application of FFC cable

It has the advantages of soft, arbitrary bending and folding, thin thickness, small volume, simple connection, convenient disassembly, easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI) and so on. The flexible flat cable has two connection modes: welding and plug-in. It is suitable for data transmission between moving parts and mainboard, board to board and miniaturized electrical equipment. It is an indispensable connection carrier on computers, laptops and other industrial control equipment. On the basis of providing conventional FFC flexible cable products, it is committed to high-end, precision and process integrated product application research and development

FFC cable means that the number and spacing of wires can be arbitrarily selected to make the connection more convenient, greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. It is most suitable for data transmission cables between mobile parts and motherboards, between PCB boards and PCB boards, and in miniaturized electrical equipment.

Nowadays, it is widely used in the connection between the print head and the main board of various printers, signal transmission and board connection of plotters, scanners, copiers, audio, liquid crystal appliances, fax machines, various DVD players and other products.

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