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In the field of radar application, with the development of technology and the emergence and popularization of new system radars, such as DBF System Radar and phased array radar, the signal bandwidth and the number of signal channels to be processed have increased significantly, facing the problem of large amount of data transmission. Therefore, the new technology used to solve the I / O interface problem has become an inevitable trend. LVDS, a high-speed and low-power interface standard, makes it possible to solve this transmission bottleneck problem. Therefore, LVDS technology is widely used in high-speed radar and high-speed receiving system; LVDS technology is used to realize point-to-point single board interconnection. The system structure has very good scalability, realizes the high integration of line card and each subsystem, and can fully meet the requirements of data acquisition and transmission.

In civil use, this technology can support high-speed data transmission, and is most suitable for communication structure application schemes such as base stations, switches, plus / minus multiplexers, consumer product application schemes such as set-top boxes and home / enterprise video links, as well as medical ultrasonic imaging equipment and digital photocopiers, so as to ensure greater flexibility in system partition operation. System design engineers can use LVDS technology to set analog and digital signal processing sections on different circuit boards, and then use cables or backplanes to transmit the digital data output by a / D converters, so as to ensure greater flexibility in structural design. At present, all kinds of high-speed AD converters basically choose LVDS signal as the output format of sampling data, and most of its output forms are parallel output. At the same time, special chips supporting IWDS and other level exchange and LVDS speed reduction are also emerging in endlessly, mainly represented by several foreign companies such as maxm, Ni and Ti.

In addition, LVDS has a very broad application space in the application of high-speed data transmission of measurement and control system, SAR radar reconnaissance reception and high-speed digital image transmission. Especially in recent and future years, the demand for flexible high bit rate communication systems in aerospace, military, communication and other departments continues to grow. On the one hand, the core of the traditional communication system, filters, mixers and many other links are mostly realized by simulator devices, which has been greatly restricted in the reliability, flexibility, upgrading and maintenance of the system. On the other hand, in the past 20 years, microelectronics technology, integrated circuits, digital communication theory and so on have developed rapidly It makes it possible to realize many links of high bit rate communication system in digital way. According to the data obtained at present, many kinds of all digital high bit rate baseband signal processors with excellent performance and flexibility have been developed abroad. Under such a background, as a unit committed to developing China’s military electronic technology, especially focusing on the research and development of relevant technologies and products in the field of aerospace measurement and control, at present, we have made a major breakthrough in the research process of high bit rate data transmission technology, one of the key technologies applied is LVDS technology

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